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Whirlyball On GPB

The Georgia Traveler show on GPB featured Whirlyball Atlanta and War Games in a great segment! Here is the link to the full segment. http://www.gpb.org/georgia-traveler/season-7/segment/whirly-ball-atlanta 


Whirlyball Toy Drive

Wall Street Whirly!

Many of you already know that we hosted the 2013 Whirlyball national tournament this year. Our B team took first place and our other teams did very well in the playoffs. We were fortunate to have coverage by the Wall Street journal which was in print on 7/9/13. The online article can be seen below…some great  global coverage for our fun little game!Wall Street Whirly


Ladies & Gentlemen…Start your Whirlybugs!

Here we go….the 2013 Whirlyball National Tournament is upon us! Starting Thursday morning teams from all over the country will compete in a 4 day Whirlyball tournament.  Anyone can stop in and view the action, our center will be open from 8:00-11:00 pm until Monday the 5th. Reservations will resume availability starting on that Monday. Every year a different city hosts the competition and this year it’s Atlanta! Come by and see some serious Whirly players in action!

Get Ready For War!

Coming soon to the Roswell Town Center Mall just 10 steps from our front doors….War Games Tactical Laser Tag! Military grade weaponry, proximity mines, props…it’s not just a game! No bulky vests or plastic guns.  No blacklight flashing lights and cheesy sounds. This is WAR!  Sign up on the facebook page here for a limited VIP pre launch invite! Limited Invite

Feel the need for speed!

Need for Speed

Come on in and check out our new game “Speed of Light“! This competitive game is sweeping the nation! Add unlimited Speed Of Light to any
package for $30! Win tickets for special prizes!

Happy New Year 2013

Whirlyball Atlanta would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year!
Without our Whirlypeeps 2012 would not have been such a big year for us. This past year we were fully renovated, voted one of Atlanta’s top entertainment spots, and had a record number of Whirlyball players visit our facility!
In 2013 we have some new and exciting plans, some of which we will reveal in the next month. Thanks again for making Whirlyball Atlanta the hottest party in town!

Cookie Cakes Available Now!

Cookie Cakes available now for any party! The cost will be $20 and you may customize your message. Please let your reservation specialist know that you want one when you book your event. Our cookie cakes are all made from scratch and are a terrific addition to any event!

Whirlyball Atlanta to host 2013 National Tournament

On June 19 Whirlyball Atlanta will host the 2013 National Tournament. Over 26 teams in 4 divisions will compete for 5 days to win their respective banners.  Each team is seeded through a series of games leading up to the eventual double elimination tournament.

You might be thinking..”Can I compete?” The answer is YES!! There are divisions for every experience level, and the registration fee to compete is $150. This fee includes all Whirlyball games, lunches, sodas, gift bags, winner’s prizes and more! Each Monday night until June we will host an open league so that beginners and advanced players can learn the game and develop skills needed to compete. As we get closer to the tournament we will make teams that include ALL interested and committed players. For more league and nationals info feel free to call our office at 770.998.6161!


They shot the “Internship” then shot some Whirlyball!

The crew and cast  of the upcoming comedy “The Internship” came in to blow off some steam and play some Whirlyball. The competitors were Vince Vaughn, Owen Wilson and the cast of a 2013 comedy about two recently laid-off men in their 40s try to make it as interns at a successful Internet company where their managers are in their 20s.  While no new league talent was discovered, the competitive juices were flowing as the cast fought it out in a Whirlyball tournament.  Thanks guys for keeping us laughing on and off the court!